Thursday, April 6, 2017

New House

Things have been very busy lately so updating the blog was on hold, but here we are, back in! 

So, back in September we started a journey with a new house for both us and my folks.  It has been quite the project as it needed some TLC and extensive renovations in spots.  But the lot is wonderful and the neighborhood couldn't be better.  As work began at the new place we were even more ready to sell our house (more on this later).  Here's a walk through of the new house as it was when we bought it (as you can imagine several months later it is very different inside! More on this later).   

Front of the house and shop

The shop

Walkthrough from the garage to the shop

Storage behind the shop

Brick patio and back yard

Back deck

Pond by the back deck

Back yard and garden

Back of the house


Strawberry bed

Back of the property

More space

Lots of space!

Garden bench

Back basement entrance

Back yard

Back patio

Future RV spot

Front yard


Big garage

Room off the garage.  Future canning room?

Entrance and front porch

Front entry


Living room


Upstairs hallway

Linen closet

Bedroom 1 (Elliot's room)

Elliot's closet

Elliot's window

Bedroom 2 (extra room)

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2 closet

Main bathroom upstairs

Master bedroom upstairs

Master bedroom

Master bedroom/door to master bath

Juliette balcony off master bedroom

Master bath

Master bath

Front entry/dining room



Back door 

Laundry room

Laundry room

Heading downstairs

Entry to the basement

Basement closet

Basement room, future TV room

Basement bedroom


Mechanical room in basement

"Window" in basement

Basement bedroom (future sewing room)

Basement hall

Entry to bathroom in center, bedroom on right

Basement bathroom


Isn't the tile lovely?

Basement room, future wet bar/library

Basement room

Basement room

Future Master bedroom in basement

Master bedroom in basement

Master bedroom in basement

Exit from master bedroom in basement

As you can see, the bones of the house are good, but much work is needed to make it what we want so that it comfortably houses multiple generations.  Many projects and updates to come!

Next up: Thanksgiving Trip