Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Photo Journey Through Our Spring Trip

Last week we were lucky to take a vacation.  Traditionally, the guys (my husband, dad, brother, and friends) have headed to South Dakota in March for Snow Goose hunting, but the last three years they haven't been able to make it so they were very excited to go this time.  This year, my brother was unable to make it as he was moving.  We got to see him on our first and last legs of the trip but otherwise it was just my dad, husband and I (and the dogs of course).  I got to be the driver once we got to South Dakota, which was quite fun (they like to drive fast in South Dakota, and so do I, and you can see for miles and miles).  My job description also included bird spotter, tracker, sometimes dog handler, random fact looker upper (as the only one with a smartphone) and photographer.  Also gained some new skills including being able to definitively identify different types of birds in swarms at great distances.  While the guys were out of the truck chasing geese I got to enjoy walking around the farmland snapping photos.  I decided that I would love to be able to travel around and just take raw pictures of life in small town USA.  Wouldn't that be a joy?  It would be really delightful if you could get paid to do so.  What a nice week it was!  Here's a photo journey through our trip:

Day 1: Home to Bozeman:


In Bozeman

Heading out of Bozeman

Day 2: Mitchell to Huron

Brandy wanting to be out with the guys 
Excited puppies who just want to GO!

Bible Museum across from the Corn Palace in Mitchell.  It was closed so we didn't get to go in.

Corn Palace in Mitchell

The original Corn Palace

The second Corn Palace

Inside the arena/auditorium at the Corn Palace

 Day 3: Huron to Aberdeen

Frozen lake

Tiny roadside chapel

Always open for travelers

But very small

Those are all geese.  Even the ones that look like spots.  There were MILLIONS of them!

Brandy & Aria watching the geese

More geese

Storm clouds
 Day 4: Aberdeen back to Huron

Storm coming in

Day 3

Day 3

Old farm in the middle of a frozen lake

Geese across the street from the abandoned farm
Abandoned farm

Remnants of the past

Flooded fields

Storm moving in

Guys, dogs, and their geese

Fetch training with the dogs so Aria can learn to retrieve geese

Almost as big as she is!

Cleaning time

More fetch
 Day 5: Huron to Mobridge, and then on to Miles City, MT


More sunrise (I had lots of coffee this morning!)

Cathedral of the Prairie

Side of the Cathedral

And the back, it was huge

More birds

Birds against the sun

A Wildlife production area

Discussing where to head next

Flying V

My view most of the trip

Look at those swarms of birds!

Hunting spot the last afternoon

Clouds on the prairie

Birds and blue skies

Prairie sky

Moving a house down the street.

A country road

The guys heading back



Sun through the clouds

Evening storm building

Sunset, birds, and the hunting hummock

Old Windmill


Sunset swarm

Look mom, I got a goose!

Last sunset

Brandy watching geese
 Day 6: Miles City to Bozeman

Miles City, we awoke to 2" of snow.  The moment when you realize your choice of footwear (sandals, it is spring after all) is inappropriate, and how much you've grown, at least for the moment, when you reluctantly trade them out for snow boots instead of forging through the snow in sandals.

The first Cabela's we stopped at, in Billings on the way home

Heading into Bozeman for our last night on the road