Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Updates and such

Wow.  Time has been flying by and we've been a bit busy here and there. Thus the blog hiatus. But, time for an update now I think.  We finished organizing the house which is great.  Then I went down to OR for a week with my folks.  Had a nice time visiting all my grandparents and got to have dinner with my dear friend from HS.  We were in OR just in time for their big snowstorm this year and even drove over the Santiam Pass before the snow plow made it there.  It doesn't show terribly well in this picture but the snow was high enough that it was touching he car bumper almost the entire way across the pass.
Snow on the Santiam

Then we came home and got to do snow removal here.
The dogs were big helpers while we were shoveling.

It only lasted a few days, just long enough to disrupt weekend plans and then it vanished with the rain.  We're on to what feels much more like spring weather now.  My tulips were even beginning to sprout at last check. I've been trying out some new recipes and found a vegan/grainless/refined sugarless cake that we have really enjoyed.

You can find the recipe here.  The topping I wasn't as fond of so we didn't use the topping the second time I made it.

Other than that we've been working on checking things off our to do list. We scored a free day bed for  one of our extra bedrooms and got it all set up.  Luckily my aunt still had spare twin size sheets and I had a quilt made for me by another aunt so we got this room all spruced up at no cost. Currently musing and planning for the next inside project someday: updating the office. Big plans in store.

Next up: A Photo Journey Through Our Spring Trip

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