Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bridal Brunch

My brother's wedding is fast approaching (yay!!) and as the only sister on either side, I was honored to get to host a bridal shower for my sister-in-law to be.  As you might expect, I threw in some DIY touches and made the invitations and some of the shower activities.

The front of the invitations

Prior to the shower, I asked all the women in my family to gather up their favorite recipes so we could compile a recipe book for the bride.  The finished product was amazing!  Somewhere around 80 recipes complete with pictures of the recipe and the recipe-giver.  I am so proud and thankful for all the work these ladies did to get it completed.  All I had to do was print and assemble the book.  I also made one for myself in the process:   

Book for the Bride
Completed page example for her book

Cover for my book

Page for my book

I am thrilled with the ways these recipe books came out and am saving the templates so we can continue to add to them in the future.  This was a very fun project!

We had a brunch shower which was a delight to menu plan for: mimosas, coffee, breakfast ham cups, fresh fruit salad, and gluten-free, dairy-free coffee cake.  Yum. And, it gave me an excuse to bring out the china set that we've been storing but never used.

Ham Cups

Fruit Salad


Coffee Bar


I also decided to theme the shower "date night".  For one, because I love having themes for parties and also because the happy couple won't get a chance to take a honeymoon for awhile so I wanted to make sure they had plenty of ready-to-go dates for the first part of their married lives.  And they did get many amazing dates!  From picnics to campfires, fondue to river floating, pizza night to a night in, the creativity from each person was inspiring!  

Date Night Jar for guests to add ideas

Date gifts

We played some games of course (because what is a shower without some games) but I tried to pick some non-corny ones.  Here were our games:

Purse Game



We also created toilet paper lingerie in teams and there were some very unique creations!

And the rest of the time we visited and just enjoyed one another's company.  What a joy to celebrate this new season in their lives.  And what a beautiful sunset we caught that night during our picnic at the lake. 

Sunset picnic

Love evenings at the lake!

We are very excited for the wedding in a couple of weeks.  After that we'll be sure to share the projects we've been working on for the wedding too!

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