Sunday, April 24, 2016

Library, Library

Last fall we finished up the last couple of projects for our home library and put the finishing touches on it.  This is my new favorite room in the house (Aria's too).

Here's what this room was before.
When we moved in

Office room

Office desk
Then we upgraded to just a sitting area and no desk

And got new chairs

And the steps along the way to make our home library.

New paint 

Starting the shelves

Aria is helping

Shelf progress

View from the library window

Lights up on the bookcase
Art and floating bookshelves
Working on the lights
Aria's bed

Our two projects other than the bookcase and decor were a custom table and lamp that we made.  They are the finishing touches.

The materials for the table

Stain & feet on

Books for the table

Getting there

Thrilled with how it turned out

Starting the book lamp
And putting it together
All done
And love the way it turned out!

And the finished room.

Bookshelf Wall

New reading area by the window

Picture wall

Love how this turned out!

This is Aria's new favorite spot

Next up: The Last Several Months

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