Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Beginning Fall

We had a mild, wet fall.  Lots of rain but it stayed decently warm.  We finished up one project that I've been anxiously awaiting and I love the way it turned out!   Remember these old window frames?  

We finally got them cleaned and hung up!  I think they look amazing!  

Hung up in the stairwell

Love it!  The other one will be on the right side of this one

Fall's changing colors also brought more new changes for us including a new house which is being worked on now (more on this later, it deserves it's own post) and a new vehicle.  

Our new van, we love it!
We also had a wonderful weekend visit from my dear friend Courtney so Elliot got to meet his Auntie!  Our weekend of course had a trek to Greenbluff and time at the pumpkin patch there, some shopping in town, pampering and pedicures for Court and I at the Brickhouse Massage and Coffee Bar, and a delicious send off breakfast at Cole's Fine Foods (easily one of my new favorites in town, and so nice to know that everything is gluten free so I don't have to be picky or limited in what I order).  What a delightful time!  We were busy but had a great visit and crammed a lot of love and spoiling of the boy in too (aunties are good at that!)   

Pumpkin Patch

Pampering wax dip for the feet

Pretty toes

Greenbluff yielded some wonderful produce including corn, squash and apples.  Made for the perfect fall meal with meatloaf.  Yum.

Visited the Just Between Friends sale and scored some good finds for Elliot including his race car walker and lots of clothes.  Even his Halloween Costume.

All of our finds from the sale

Elliot also figured out how to scoot backwards and became more on the go!  His blanket can no longer contain him!  A great start to fall.

He started at the yellow circle, on the go!

Sweet baby snuggles

Next up: Montana Weekend Getaway 

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